Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where does the time go?

Week 9 of the study period and I have an essay due this Friday but thankfully have had an extension granted until Wednesday of week 10, so that gives me an extra 5 days. Trust me I wouldn't have asked for it if it weren't absolutely necessary!! And I most certainly will not be making a habit out of requesting them.

I have 3 assessments due within days of each other but so far I'm going ok with them. My second log submission is almost completed. I have a rough plan of attack for one essay and the other (major!) essay I am tackling this weekend and researching for it over the next 2-3days.

After these assessments I have a smaller thematic to do, a take home exam and then a final exam (not all for the one subject) and that's the end of my first study period.

In news of family life, I am now the manager of Tayla's netball team. I'm helping Turtle's class on a Wednesday morning with their sight words. I went back to the gym yesterday (and I am so sore today!) after a month of not going. I am trying to become more organised. I am almost caught up on washing (wonders will never cease!) The countdown is on for our July QLD holiday. Stress levels change daily.

And that pretty much covers it all for now.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Today has just of *those* days.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Half way point

I've reached the half way point of my first study period. There are 13weeks to a study period with OUA and we're nearing the end of week 7 now.

I received my essay back for SGY110 a bit over a week ago and I was graded a C (Credit) with a numerical mark of 72. It's at the high end of a C but not quite enough to be pushed up to being a D but I am still very happy with that mark, especially as I never have enough time for that subject!

I will be better prepared for SP2 that's for sure! I am hoping to have better organisation and time management. I'm not entirely sure how realistic that is but I can try! I've also chosen my subjects for the next period. I'll be studying COM14 - Creative & Professional Writing and AUS11 - Images of Australia (1A). I'm combining an english/literature subject with a history subject which I hear, is a good combination as some history units require a lot of time. Both of these units are through Griffith Uni.

One good thing about studying with OUA is I get to study different units with different universities, although a vast majority will be just with Macquarie which is where I'll be obtaining the degree.

Life in general is coasting along ok. School holidays are proving testing to study time! That mythical concept of time management is beyond me with the kids home! Every 5 minutes I'm hearing "Mum! S/he hit me! Mum! S/he took my book! Mum! Mum! Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!" I'm considering a name change!

Posting is being cut short by the demands of being a mother........

Monday, April 7, 2008

Achievements all round

Tayla played in a 'round robin' netball competition yesterday. It wasn't part of the competition for this season but more of something her coach wanted the team to participate in so they had 'extra practice' so to speak. The round robin was part of a celebration of 50 years for the club hosting the day. All the players received a medal for their participation.

Saturday just gone Ethan sat by himself!! I sat him down on the floor at a friends house and gave him a toy phone to play with and he happily sat up for a good 10minutes before starting to get the wobbles. He can't push himself up into a sitting position yet so we're not at that sitting ability. But this is a milestone nonetheless. He sat again yesterday when we were visiting my parents with a bowl full of his toys in front of him. He thought he was so clever too. You should've seen the cheeky smile on his face while he was sitting and playing.

I had 2 assessments due on Friday of last week. The learning log I submitted 2 days early as it was finished. My essay I submitted 1 day late without penalty. Both have been graded already! Our tutor is really on the ball with this subject. I still haven't received my grade for my first essay of my other subject and that was submitted at the end of week 3! (we have been told though that they'll be mailed out mid-April). Anyway back to the assessments from last week. For my learning log I recieved a Distinction (D), and for my essay I received a Distinction + (D+). I am more than happy!! Particularly with the essay seeing as I did struggle a bit with it and I will admit that I knocked it up in the space of a few hours. Besides a couple of small things, I did surprisingly well with it.

Note to self - don't leave things so late! Second note to self - don't assume because you think your work isn't 'good enough' that someone else will think that! Third note to self - confidence goes a long way!

Friday, April 4, 2008


Surgery on Monday (31st) went well.

I was in theatre for just on an hour and the Dr didn't encounter any problems. The grommet was removed and when I woke up in recovery a nurse handed it to me inside a container! The worst thing about waking up in recovery was I was half awake when they took the tube out of my mouth *eww* Thankfully it's not a "clear" memory but rather a "fuzzy" one. Still *eww* though!!

I was very tired and off balance after surgery. I was sick twice on the way home (again *eww*). I couldn't hear properly out of my right ear because it was packed with a 'plug' (gauze coated in ointment and much like a wick).

Tuesday I felt like I had a hangover the entire day. I was still a little off balance, fuzzy and headachey. I went to see my specialist to have the plug removed (that didn't hurt being taken out) and he was happy with how everything went and how my ear looked.

Today I again went and saw him and again he's happy! My ear canal isn't "stenosing" and the ear drum (while it still has a hole in it from where the grommet was) looks good.

I go back a week from Monday for my next post-op check up.