Friday, September 26, 2008

$600 later

I need the "World's Dumbest Moment" award.

Yesterday I lost my car keys. Of course we only have the ONE key for the car and I just HAD to lose it didn't I? Result? Car locked in driveway with windows down and keys nowhere to be found!!! NRMA came out but there wasn't much that could be done seeing as the car is computerised and nothing will work aside from reprogramming and new keys. So we rolled the car back to get Rob's car out (the ONE time he parked infront of me too!) and planned to call into Holden today.

Rob gets to Holden at 7am and that's when we realise that you can't just have a key made. They need the car to program the keys and reprogram the car. DUH!! So the car was towed to the dealer and they've made up a new pair of keys.

Cost? $600!! Lesson learnt? Priceless!!!

I'm chaining the new key to my arm and never letting it out of my sight!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Goodbye Chipmunk and Turtle

Dear Chipmunk and Turtle,

Two years you spent with us as a part of our family and today it was time to say goodbye and wish you well on the next chapter of your lives.

We want you to know that we will miss you dearly and we do love and care for you very much. We do wish things could've been different but unfortunately they aren't and we think we've made the best decision we can that will help the two of you become beautiful children and fantastic adults as you grow older.

Remember to never give up on yourselves.

We love you.

Monday, September 22, 2008

85/100 - happy with that!

Today I received my grade for my final assessment for COM14. I was graded 85/100! I am very happy with that. The assignment task was to submit a 2000word short story OR 2000word news/feature article OR a 2000word workbook reflecting over the course work. I opted for the short story and made it part fact, part fiction and very personal. So to achieve a grade like that is pretty good seeing as so much of myself was in it.

So fingers crossed I pass the unit overall as I unfortunately missed an assignment. I have enough marks to achieve a pass, it's just a matter of whether technically I pass or not.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Farewell BBQ

We held our family farewell bbq today for Chipmunk and Turtle. It went fairly well with little stresses which was good. The kids all had fun playing on the swings together and it wasn't a sad event in the slightest. Everyone wore a smile and were not at all negative which is what we wanted on the day.

I only had a bit of a run in with Miss-High-N-Mighty. She didn't seem to see anything wrong with squeezing a 5yr old into a baby/toddler swing and when I yelled out to get off it she yelled back "Oh I didn't know" and apparently mouthed off when my back was turned as I walked inside to do something. A bit of commonsense goes along way but obviously not with her!! I know she's still hurt about what's going on but seriously, she's 25yrs old not freaking 12!


Things progress kind of quickly from here this week. Tomorrow afternoon Chipmunk and Turtle go for dinner at their new 'home' and then Thursday is the move. I haven't even yet begun to pack their clothes and toys but that will start tonight so they can leave a few things there tomorrow (and also make it a little easier on the person taking them Thursday incase they don't fit it all in the car).

We've planned a family day out for Sunday next week as a step towards our new family life. Aside from our July holiday, we've not had 'our family' time really since Ethan was born so it'll be a nice change and something I think we'll all enjoy.

The part of me that felt guilty for things changing no longer bears that burden. I've come to realise that as everyone pointed out to me today, we have given Chipmunk and Turtle a strong 2yr foundation to work with that hopefully will help shape the rest of their lives. They are not leaving a 'not loved' home and being shafted to another. They are leaving a 'loved' home where we've done all we can with and for them and they're moving on to a home where another family want them very much indeed.

My hope for the both of them is that they receive the help that they need so that they can grow into the beautiful children we know they can be. I wish them well and I will miss them I'm sure and I look forward to seeing them in holidays and watching them grow.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Endings and Beginnings

Much has changed since the last time I blogged.

We had our QLD getaway in the July school holidays and it was absolutely fantastic. Of course, after each trip "home", I start to think about moving to the Sunshine Coast and mentally preparing and planning for it. How much of it eventuates into real life is anyone's guess but I would love to be able to pack up my family and relocate there.

Both Tayla and Rhiannah had an awesome time and Ethan had his first trip to the beach. He wasn't too keen on sand between the toes though!! We did a lot of things together and spent a bit of time with my best friend, who I have to say, is the number 1 thing that I miss about living in QLD.

Anyway moving on because there's so much to update here!

Last post I was talking about having just sat an exam for SSK12. Well I'm pleased to report that I received a 'distinction' for that subject. In study period 2 I attempted to study 2 subjects again and failed miserably. I let AUS11 slide as I couldn't keep up and focused more on COM14. However, I did miss an assessment for that subject and I'm currently waiting on the marks for the final assessment which I hope give me enough to scrape through on a pass. I've learnt my less and am only doing one subject at the moment and that is ENG110. I'm not behind on it although I do have a fair bit I should be getting through this weekend. I have my first assessment next week which is a 1-hour online exam that once you start, you cannot stop or pause it to resume later so I'll definitely have to set aside some time to get through that.

Chipmunk and Turtle are leaving us next week. They'll embark on a new adventure in their lives and one that I hope proves to be the best thing for them. Since our break away we have had the same problems happening and the same level of support from people - almost none! It got to a point where near the end of their assessments we spoke to the relevant people and asked if they thought being in an environment where they were the only young children would benefit them. As it turns out, all parties agreed and that is exactly what is happening. I'm feeling half guilty for playing a part in their moving on, but the other half of me is relieved. I will have my family resume to 'normal', Chipmunk and Turtle will hopefully be able to access the help that they need (that has not yet been provided to them while they've been with us), and they'll no doubt thrive on the attention they'll receive that we are unable to give them. This isn't happening on bad terms. It really is what is best for everyone and believe me when I say it wasn't a decision that was made lightly.

In other news, Cruz has joined the family. He's a gorgeous mahogany brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier and he is almost 4months old. We've had him for almost 2months now and he's settled into the household pretty well. He's claimed a few toys here and there, developed a shoe fetish and likes to chase the cat. Three weeks ago he started basic obedience training and is doing really well, although some days I'm sure he likes to pretend he knows nothing! We've successfully crate trained him overnight so there's no more little surprises to step in when you first wake up of a morning.

On the work front I got a promotion! Before I had Ethan I was thinking of where I wanted to go with work and entertained the thought of being an Operations Manager. Of course with 5 children that was a bit out of reach so I let the goal go. However, in light of circumstances changing, I took the plunge and applied and I was successful. My new position starts on October 1st. I am excited about the new challenges and I hope that I'm able to learn as much as I possibly can and not let myself down.

So what does this mean for study? In all honesty, I have no idea right now. I will say that I am going to try to still study however this subject I'm enrolled in now will be the last Arts subject and after this I will be changing paths to a Business Degree. Big change I know but seeing as I'll be in the Admin/HR side of things, it makes sense to change my study path. I won't take on a heavy study load, only one subject at a time and see how I go. Will I cope? Who knows. But if I don't give it a go, I will never know.

This brings me to the family update.

Tayla's netball team made it into the grand final! Unfortunately we lost 19 - 8 but our girls fought all the way to the end! They were really pleased with themselves that in their first year at competition level, they made it all the way through to the end. We were all very proud of them! Both girls are doing athletics for the summer and are enjoying it.

Ethan is now 13months old and walking all over the place! Last ECHN check up he was 13kg, 80.5cm tall and his (boof) head was 50.2cm.

And that I feel is enough of an update for now.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Study Period 2 & Life

Study period 2 has now begun.

I had my exam last night for SSK12. I think I have passed it, I felt fairly confident walking out of that exam. Also came to the conclusion that I don't like writing an essay under pressure! Time management wise I did ok. I think I could have used another 10mins easily for the essay but I had to try and stick to a breakdown of time between each section of the exam. Results for the unit overall should be available in 4-6 weeks. Possibly sooner if my tutor marks exams as quick as he marked and returned our assessment pieces!!

So now I'm venturing into 2 new subjects and let me just say that I am feeling more confident this study period than the first, and I think I'll be alright with both subjects. The units this period are Creative and Professional Writing as well as Images of Australia 1A (two part subject that spans across two level 1 units).

I also decided to apply for UNE's double degree of B.Arts/B.Teaching for 2009. I have read and re-read the course structure and I feel that it would be best if I was able to take on that degree and know that I am choosing and studying the right units. That's the only downside to OUA I suppose, ensuring you are studying the right things to get you where you want to be. Of course if I am unsuccessful with UNE for semester 1 then I can continue with OUA without a problem. So either way I will end up where I want to be and with the degree that I want.

That's the study side of things updated, now for life.

Where to start?? I suppose with the positives first would be good. Ethan is now crawling and pulling himself up to stand. He is 9 1/2 months old and is a whopping 11.2kg!! Who would think that at 2mths of age he was hovering on that 10th percentile for weight almost dropping below it to well and truly above it now! He is doing really well. He still only says 'mum' and 'bub' but he's making other sounds. He's just started with the "l" sound and he pokes his tongue out and whips his tongue from side to side making "l" sounds, almost sounds like "lol lol lol lol" (no not laughing out loud! ha ha!). He also has a hilarious Beavis laugh! Anyone who is familiar with Beavis and Butthead will understand this. I am yet to record it on my phone because everytime I try, Ethan would rather eat the phone!!

Both Rhiannah and Tayla are doing well also. They're both playing netball this season and Tayla's team has won the last 4 games in a row!! Not sure where they are sitting in the competition but they have won 4 of 6 games so far. Rhiannah's team has won 2 of their games but they are not in the competition as of yet. The u7's - u9's are not considered competitive as they're really just teaching them the concepts of the game, rules and positions etc. It's so cute seeing all these little tiny girls in their netball uniforms trying to shoot goals though!! (Posts aren't lowered for them in our comp.)

Chipmunk and Turtle are still with us, though some days I really wonder why!! Yes things are still stressful and chaotic. Although I do have to admit we seem to get a flow of good days without much indicident at all, and then rolls on the second wave! Some days it seems like they both store up all the naughtiness to come out in one huge wave over a day or two. Frustrating isn't close enough to describe how it feels. Today we're off to have a full paediatric assessment done on them both, something that should've been done when they FIRST were put in care, not 2yrs later!! So that will hopefully cover some of the behavioural issues we have to deal with.

Family support is still very minimal. I'm not even going to start venting about that, I'll be here all day! Let's just sum it up by saying that improvements in support have been made with one family member with more help being given in the past 2 months than in the past 2yrs however with one other family member, well they may as well not exist considering the effort they put in - which is ZERO!!

Saving the best news to last, our QLD holiday is only a month away!! The unit is booked, paid for, and awaiting our arrival!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Long Overdue

So it would seem the blog is neglected already, didn't take long did it? Although I must admit I really haven't made the time to come and write much.

Uni is going well, for one subject at least. SSK12 is fantastic. I have now finished all my assessments for this unit and only have the exam to go on June 3rd. I am really confident with this subject and have no doubt I'll have a good grade overall. Apparently the final exam result won't be made available to us but rather the overall grade will be around 4-6weeks after the exam. So that would mean early-mid July I'll know!

Wish I could say the same for SGY110. This I have put down to a bad choice for a first subject and I'm choosing to not complete the unit. It is far better for me to do that than try and play catch up now! The other reason is that even if I withdrew from the unit, I'd still receive a 'fail' grade so as I said, bad choice for a first unit.

Lots of changes going on at the moment. I'll have to come back and update properly at a later stage.