Friday, September 26, 2008

$600 later

I need the "World's Dumbest Moment" award.

Yesterday I lost my car keys. Of course we only have the ONE key for the car and I just HAD to lose it didn't I? Result? Car locked in driveway with windows down and keys nowhere to be found!!! NRMA came out but there wasn't much that could be done seeing as the car is computerised and nothing will work aside from reprogramming and new keys. So we rolled the car back to get Rob's car out (the ONE time he parked infront of me too!) and planned to call into Holden today.

Rob gets to Holden at 7am and that's when we realise that you can't just have a key made. They need the car to program the keys and reprogram the car. DUH!! So the car was towed to the dealer and they've made up a new pair of keys.

Cost? $600!! Lesson learnt? Priceless!!!

I'm chaining the new key to my arm and never letting it out of my sight!!!

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Anonymous said...

Cez... after a long time away from blogging have just caught up on you! I hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family and have had a positive start to the new year...

Jen :)