Sunday, September 21, 2008

Farewell BBQ

We held our family farewell bbq today for Chipmunk and Turtle. It went fairly well with little stresses which was good. The kids all had fun playing on the swings together and it wasn't a sad event in the slightest. Everyone wore a smile and were not at all negative which is what we wanted on the day.

I only had a bit of a run in with Miss-High-N-Mighty. She didn't seem to see anything wrong with squeezing a 5yr old into a baby/toddler swing and when I yelled out to get off it she yelled back "Oh I didn't know" and apparently mouthed off when my back was turned as I walked inside to do something. A bit of commonsense goes along way but obviously not with her!! I know she's still hurt about what's going on but seriously, she's 25yrs old not freaking 12!


Things progress kind of quickly from here this week. Tomorrow afternoon Chipmunk and Turtle go for dinner at their new 'home' and then Thursday is the move. I haven't even yet begun to pack their clothes and toys but that will start tonight so they can leave a few things there tomorrow (and also make it a little easier on the person taking them Thursday incase they don't fit it all in the car).

We've planned a family day out for Sunday next week as a step towards our new family life. Aside from our July holiday, we've not had 'our family' time really since Ethan was born so it'll be a nice change and something I think we'll all enjoy.

The part of me that felt guilty for things changing no longer bears that burden. I've come to realise that as everyone pointed out to me today, we have given Chipmunk and Turtle a strong 2yr foundation to work with that hopefully will help shape the rest of their lives. They are not leaving a 'not loved' home and being shafted to another. They are leaving a 'loved' home where we've done all we can with and for them and they're moving on to a home where another family want them very much indeed.

My hope for the both of them is that they receive the help that they need so that they can grow into the beautiful children we know they can be. I wish them well and I will miss them I'm sure and I look forward to seeing them in holidays and watching them grow.

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